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Cordial Glasses

What Are Cordial Glasses and Do You Really Need Them ?


Cordial glasses are typically smaller glasses used for serving cordials, or liqueurs, which are sweet, flavor infused drinks. The words liqueur comes from the Latin word meaning “to dissolve,” which refers to the dissolving of flavors in the spirits. Drinks served in cordial glasses are typically high in sugar and low in alcohol content.

The term cordial glass is commonly used to refer to any stemmed glassware, though not all cordial glasses have stems. The type of cordial glass used can also help set the mood or tone of an event.

Cordial glasses can vary widely in shape, style, and color, though the most common are small stemmed glasses. Similar in design to a wine glass, cordial glasses are smaller and often made from more delicate glass. Cordial glasses may have a shorter stem or no stem at all. They may also have a delicate handle in addition to or in place of a stem. If a cordial glass has a handle, the handle should be gripped lightly from the outside.

It is believed that cordial glasses are small because cordials are meant to be sipped and savored, not gulped. Cordial glasses are useful at a party or event because they are suitable for a wide variety of beverages. Their small size may also help control the amount of alcohol served at a party, reception, or other gathering.

Cordial glasses are commonly used to serve after dinner drinks or dessert wine. Cordial glasses with large bowls, such as brandy snifters, allows you to swirl the liqueur to release its flavor and aroma.

Cordial glasses may be made of clear glass, but they are also often colored or decorated. Cordial glasses may be tinted with reds, greens, yellows, or other colors. Some sets of cordial glasses may contain a variety of colors or even different shapes, which is helpful for differentiating between guests’ glasses at a party. Cordial glasses typically hold two to three ounces of liqueur. When used for dessert drinks, they are typically filled only halfway.

The wide variety of cordial glasses available makes them uniquely suited to many different events and occasions. By choosing different styles and colors of cordial glasses, you can set the desired tone at your event. Using cordial glasses in a variety of colors and styles can set a more casual, fun mood. Elegant cordial glasses made of clear glass are excellent for serving a variety of drinks at a more formal gathering.

When choosing cordial glasses, keep in mind the type of event you are hosting and the type of drinks you will be serving, as some cordial glasses are more suited to certain drinks than others.

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