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One Night in NYC

With Only One Night – Where Are The Best Places to Go

One Night in NYC - With Only One Night - Where Are The Best Places to Go

One Night in NYC

You only have one night to kill in New York City. You want to hit as many places as you can within reason and you don’t want to waste any time. Then you definitely need a plan and Chuck Hayward over at JJ Buckley has exactly what you need – A one nite plan with some great recommendations that will make for a very broad experience of what the city has to offer.

“So you’re in New York, it’s 5pm and the convention just wrapped up. Or you just caught the Mets day game or matinee performance on Broadway and you have time to kill before the flight home tomorrow morning. What lies ahead is what every foodie and wine lover dreams of: one night to fully explore the food and wine culture of New York. What do you do? I addressed this ‘dilemma’ recently when I found myself with a co-worker on his first visit to New York. With a warning to “Hold on!” we embarked on a trip around lower Manhattan to prove what makes NYC such a mecca.

In a situation like this, one must employ a strategy. First, for a good cross-section of what the city can offer, avoid a big dinner and plan on multiple small bites or appetizers. This will allow you to visit more places and get a broader view of what’s out there. Also try to stay in one section of town, cutting down on travel time…”

When it comes to food and wine New York City is a place that most people want to enjoy whenever they can but it is also a city that can be very expensive. A good one night plan like this will save you time and allow you to get the most possible from your one night experience. Granted it will still be expensive but a lot more value per dollar than if you just wander around the city.

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