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Canned Beer Leads To Canned Wine

 Some Big Names Are Giving It A Try

Canned Beer Leads To Canned Wine - Some Big Names Are Giving It A Try

Canned Beer Leads To Canned Wine

The wine marketing department is always looking for a new way to get more distribution and often times more sales are easier with a new idea than the old traditional pushing for the sale approach. That may well be the case here. Kyle Schlachter over at Palate Press recently did a rundown on some of the big names in the wine world who are experimenting with this approach just like the beer industry did a number of years ago.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but does an aluminum can always signal a low brow beverage? Less than ten years ago, canned beers were limited to low-flavor, mass-produced macrobrews. A small craft brewer decided to change that stigma. In November 2002, Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado launched its “Canned Beer Apocalypse.” Dale Katechis decided to can an assertive and flavorful Pale Ale, one can at a time. With an expanded lineup of bold and critically acclaimed canned brews, great canned beer is no longer an oxymoron. Now, over 130 craft breweries can beer, including Oskar Blues’ much larger neighbor to the south, New Belgium Brewery.

The company that helped Oskar Blues break the mold, Broomfield, CO-based Ball Corporation, thinks that they can (pun intended) do the same for the wine market that they did for craft beer. Dan Vorlage, Director of Business for Ball’s Beverage Packaging Division thinks, “canned wine offers an elegant way to deliver wine and ultimately allows consumers to have a ready-to-drink package that can go places where glass bottles can’t go.”

With names like Coppola and Barokes giving it a try it is only a matter of time before others are, if not on the bandwagon, at least experimenting with this approach. If you stop and think for a moment, it worked for beer and if handled well there is no reason that it couldn’t work just as well for wine. The one concern on the wine front though is the cost factor. I believe for this to really hit the mass market that the retail prices are going to have to be lower.

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