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Wine Gifts – Straight Talk

10 Good Wine Gift Ideas Without the Bull

Wine Gifts Straight Talk - 10 Good Wine Gift Ideas Without the Bull

Wine Gifts Straight Talk - Bell Antique Corkscrew

Every year starting as early as September items that companies want to be considered ( and recommended ) as Christmas gifts start flowing in the door. No on ever talks about it this way but that is the way it happens. This year Jeff Lefevere over at Palate Press decided to talk about it and does a good job describing exactly how it happens.

“Pssst. Here is a secret nobody will tell you: Nearly all of the holiday gift guides in magazines and online are the byproduct of a year’s worth of PR-related samples and press releases. They are less a stamp of careful editorial approval for readers and more of a year-end cleansing ritual, a high colonic for accumulated office crap.

It is true. Editors give the assignment to the junior team member, have her round up and parse all of the samples that have accumulated around the office like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, gather up corresponding high resolution photos and write it up—and that becomes YOUR consumer recommendation for the holidays, an outcome more akin to busy work than careful thought.

Notwithstanding the editorial status quo, lazy “punch the clock” editorial is not how we roll at Palate Press. Therefore, we are offering up 10 wine gifts that are sure to please their recipients—the educated, but not pretentious wine enthusiast…”

Like it or not that really is how it happens most of the time and it is refreshing for someone to finally not only admit it but to also put together a real list that has some very interesting items on it. If you are like most of us and still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do this list will certainly give you some ideas and save you some time.

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