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How To Be A Champagne Snob

The Perfect Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

How To Be A Champagne Snob - The Perfect Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

The Perfect Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

Most of us are now officially in full scramble mode with Christmas only a few days away. To help with those last minute presents here is a gift that will be sure to please any wine lover on your list.  The California Chick over at The Wine Sleuth did a quick run down on this little book after meeting the author.

Le Snob Guide to Champagne, despite the name, is a great little stocking stuffer for the champagne lover in your life. I met Giles Fallowfield, the author of this handy little book at a champagne launch, afterwards, during lunch he introduced me to his book and I had to the chance to chat with him about all things champagne.

Le Snob is a personal collection of what Giles believes are some of the best that Champagne has to offer. Luckily for him, he’s spent the last 20 years bopping around the region getting to know the Champenois and he’s poured (no pun intended) his views into this book. Giles is an expert in the field and has edited the Champagne section of Oz Clarke’s Pocket Wine Book since 2001 as well as being a contributor to various wine publications, including Decanter, Drinks Business, etc.

Giles answers the question of why be a champagne snob first off and I tend to agree with him…”knowing more about the wines and styles that are available will enhance your appreciation…”

Le Snob Guide to Champagne is thorough and the perfect gift that tells your wine lover that you really were thinking of them and what they enjoy. It is something that they will enjoy and remember you for every time they use it.

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