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If You Produce Good Wine

Message To Texas… You Need To Produce More

If You Produce Good Wine - Message To Texas... You Need To Produce More

Message To Texas... You Need To Produce More

Karl Weichold cut his teeth making wines in Texas before moving on and eventually landing in Oregon. He recently took a trip back for the Texas Two-Sip Tasting and in this piece over at Palate Press shares some of his thoughts and those of Russ Kane from Vintage Texas regarding Texas wines and producing more of them.

“How does a state that is not California, Washington, or Oregon establish itself as great place to make wine? According to Russ Kane of Vintage Texas, you simply let the wine speak for itself. Russ Kane and Steve Krueger (Sommelier at the Westin La Cantera) recently hosted the Culinaria Texas Two-Sip tasting at San Antonio’s Hilton Palacios Del Rio. The tasting pitted carefully selected Texas wines against comparable wines from around the world. Six pairs of wines were tasted blind, with one wine in each pair hailing from a Texas producer. The audience and panel were then invited to vote on their favorites and to guess which wine was made in Texas. The results were, to say the least, eye-opening.

“It’s amazing. When you taste these wines blind, people put them on a level playing field,” said Kane. While there were some notable examples of disparity in quality, the majority of the field held its own against the world. The voting audience preferred four of the six Texas wines in the flight and were able to identify the Texas wines in five out of the six pairs. The audience consisted primarily of enthusiastic Texas wine consumers and the tasting panel was composed of Texas wine personalities: Dr. Richard Becker of Becker Vineyards, Bill Esley of Duchman Vineyards, and Robin Allen of Messina Hof. The results speak volumes about wine drinkers in this state. Most wine produced in Texas is consumed within Texas’ borders. However, this isn’t necessarily where the Texas wine industry intends to remain.”

I agree with Russ Kane and believe that if Texas continues to produce this level of quality and add acres under vine we may truly be looking at the next American wine region.

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