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Wine and Wooden Sailing Ships

The Way It Was… One Last Time


Wine and Wooden Sailing Ships - The Way It Was... One Last Time

A London wine merchant arranged a shipment from Bordeaux to London along the 600 year old route on a restored wooden sailing cargo ship that first made this same trip in the early 1900’s. The Daily Mail and that exceptionally sharp California chick in London, The Wine Sleuth, have both done a very commendable job of chronicling this memorable occasion for the rest of us.

“London’s Tower Bridge has been raised to allow the last ever shipment of wine to pass into the city after following a centuries old route from Bordeaux to London.

A 100-year-old former wine cargo ship, called The Irene, made the 14-day journey from southern France to the British capital, carrying 9,072 of limited edition claret.

Wine merchant Tony Laithwaite and his crew wanted to recreate the historic Bordeaux to London trade route, which opened up in the 15th century and sparked Britain’s 600-year love affair with claret. – The Daily

What better way to end the London International Wine Fair then on a boat on the Thames, sipping claret (how the English used to and sometimes still do, refer to red Bordeaux) at the foot of Tower Bridge. Tony Laithwaite of Laithwaites thought that was as good a way as any and so we stepped onto a water taxi at Canary Wharf for the short trip up the Thames to Butler’s Wharf where Tony was waiting with the 2009 La Voyage du Chai au Qu – The Wine Sleuth”

And of course we all owe a big hat tip to Tony Laithwaite’s thought and imagination for making this one last trip possible.

Photo credit The Wine Sleuth

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