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No Sales Tax Required ???

Unless of Course You Want To Ship Wine Into Our State


No Sales Tax Required - Unless of Course You Want To Ship Wine Into Our State

The state of Tennessee has shown their true colors… and they aren’t the red, white and blue of the state flag – They are green… more specifically Greenback Green. You can’t direct ship wine into our state unless you first apply… and of course agree to pay us a sales tax… even though it isn’t required. Now there is no doubt that they are thinking how could we make this work with sneakers, hair dryers, computers and everything else that Amazon and other big ecommerce sites sell. The Ship Compliant blog has done a good job of laying out the hoops you must jump through to ship wine into Tennessee.

Tennessee direct shipping license applications are now available. While Tennessee officially became a Limited state on July 1, wineries cannot legally ship to this state until their direct shipping license has been approved.

The application states that direct shippers may only ship to wet areas within the state; a condition that may make the state slightly less available than initially anticipated. This requirement is different than those of other states such as Florida, New Hampshire and New York, where clearly defined dry areas are prohibited from shipping. Major cities such as Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga are all considered wet areas that are open for shipping.

In the olden days of Europe if you wanted to pass through a valley you had to pay a fee to the guy that lived in the big castle up at the top of the mountain overlooking that valley… Ah the more things change, the more they stay the same – Just a different bunch of leeches to have to pay the Green to.

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